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The same thing — define your own opinion as to these tips (after getting acquainted with the info, of course)

How to Write a Story

When writing a feature story, know the word count and match the requirements of the editor. Write a story with tips from an author in this free video on writing techniques.

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Make up your mind as to what this guy imposes on you ))

Seven years in Tibet — communication between cultures in cinematograph

This is a fragment from «Seven years in Tibet» (1997) — a movie, which shows and describes communication between two absolutely different cultures — european (which is represented by two mans from Austria) and eastern (which is represented by Tibetans). Generally, the idea of this film is very close to our topic, so I think it would be nice for everyone to watch the whole movie (it is supposed to be especially intresting for girls — Brad Pitt stars here:). As for me, one dialogue at the end of the fragment (7:20 — 7:45) is very intresting, because it shows the difference of two these types of cultures very nicely:

-Look at this. Go ahead. That’s after I climbed the Eiger North Face.
That’s Olympics. Gold medal. Not important.

-Then this is another great difference between our civilization and yours.
You admire the man who pushes his way to the top in any walk of life,
while we admire the man who abandons his ego.
The average Tibetan wouldn’t think to thrust himself forward this way.

Igor Potiyenko